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10 on 10 – May (lifestyle photography) Heber Springs, Arkansas photographer

10 on 10… Ten photos taken throughout one day or event documenting that day or event as an exercise in lifestyle photography

My oldest son just taught me and his little brother how to play chess the night before so that’s what the little one wanted to do first thing in the morning. He beat me!

Pumpkin muffins for breakfast, a variation on a recipe from the blog “Chocolate-Covered Katie,” recommended by a fellow Bloomie on the Bloom Forum. Mine aren’t as pretty as the ones on the blog!

Big brother playing quietly in his room making an origami tank

The little guy riding on his buddy’s scooter and making me nervous! But I love the green of spring!

Then it’s inside to play with blocks (It’s amazing what they’ll do when you take away the video games!)

Spending the afternoon at a friend’s house for a bonfire, mimosas, and beef tenderloin sliders

While the parents hang out, the kids play “Ga-Ga” in the car port. Check out what Ga-Ga is here. (And if you’d rather not click, it’s an Israeli variant of dodgeball.)

The kids blow on the campfire to keep it going and make more smoke. I love this image because it’s kids being kids…playing outside, getting dirty, the best! And the sweet girl in the back corner was an added bonus. She’s the kid who always gets hurt. I love that I caught her checking out yet another injury!

My oldest working on his science project last minute. Yes, my son picked Uranus for his planet and yes, he knows why that’s funny. Boys. And as a sidenote, during his research we found out that some scientific scholars and teachers have started pronouncing the planet differently to avoid the giggles. Silly.

Caught my little guy reading a Mo Willems book before bedtime…love his books!


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  • Kate, every single one of these felt like they could’ve come from my house! They all made me smile! How old are your kids? They seem very similar to mine…we should all get together! I want them to teach us how to play ga ga! Love the campfire one, that could go on the cover of a kids magazine, and the yes, it’s warms my heart to see my kids, especially my older ones, playing with things (and I totally agree, you gotta take away the tv and video games to see it!).ReplyCancel

  • Kate, these are so awesome! I just love the first one of your little guy playing chess with you (such a cool perspective) and the last one of him reading in bed. Great captures of your everyday!!!ReplyCancel

  • Such “boy” shots! Love the campfire one (and the uranus story!)!ReplyCancel

  • I am LOL at Uranus. 🙂 You captured some great shots, which make me want to spend more time outdoors…ReplyCancel

  • JanM

    What a treat to share your day. You know I love all of these but I think that my favorite is around the campfire. Being a mom to boys requires a special talent… you have to be able to laugh at anything and everything!ReplyCancel

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