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View from a Chair (Fine Art Photography)

According to good ole Wikipedia, “people watching” or “crowd watching” is defined as “the act of observing people and their interactions, usually without their knowledge. It involves picking up on idiosyncrasies to try and guess at another person’s story.”   I love people watching. The colors, the clothes, the hair, the scary-looking man talking to himself, the little sister beating up her brother, the guy with blue dreads. People are funny. And interesting. And definitely worth taking the time to slow down and simply watch. I love it. So when we headed to the beach this summer, I knew I had to have the camera nearby for my time in the sun. I’m not one of those who just stares aimlessly out to sea or snoozes in the sand. If I’m not reading, I’m watching. And the beach does not disappoint. All of these were taken with my long lens from my rusty, blue, beach chair. The subjects either walked in front of me or nearby but close enough that I didn’t have to move. My husband even got used to my project and pointed out interesting folks. Once we got home and I uploaded the images, I loved the characters but wasn’t happy with the busy ocean behind them which seemed to take away from their story. I also wanted to somehow interpret the figures as fine art photography instead of looking at the images as documentation. So I blurred the background and really concentrated on the details of the people. I wanted to pick them out of the everyday beach scene and present them as something artistic. I’m so excited about this series and would really love to know what you think. Please feel free to critique good, bad, you name it. So without further ado, grab a towel and a fruity, frozen drink and join me on the beach. Here’s the view from MY chair! Asheville fine art photography at the beach fine art photography taken in South Carolina Western North Carolina fine art photography beach scenes

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Susan, Susan Grace Photography, Hammonton, NJ.


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  • pamela

    the people are fascinating and i do like them in color as the beach is so neutral so even for me who prefers b/w, color is good on a beach in storytelling. and as one who agrees with all the richness in terms of personality that’s on the beach, i feel the ocean helps place them in a context; maybe that’s the purist in me or maybe i need to see more work with this effect on the background or maybe less of the softening or without the textures. not sure. i get the story but was a little distracted as a few of the figures seem like they’re cut out and pasted onto the background … which is also something to consider as your sensibility and general humor and take on things is always interesting and with this subject, you might have fun 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Amazing images, love your project. I guess we all do that and watch people from our chairs, no matter where they are located… It is when the raw essence is capture. Love it.ReplyCancel

  • Wow! As always you never disappoint. I love this series. I also love how in each photo there is such a strong contrast and similarities. In the first, you have one person actively engaged and reading/the other looking on. In the second both have a cane but one is hunched and the other is upright. The third contrast is about the body types, super skinny and well endowed (forgive me for not being politically correct here. And the last, one sitting, the other leaving, both having chairs. Not too mention, that I always smile when I see one of your photographs. So much emotion contained in each image.ReplyCancel

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