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Oh the places you’ll go… Asheville senior photography

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

-Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess’s book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” is a popular gift for high school seniors. And while it’s probably a little overdone in the gift-giving department, the words still give me this amazing feeling of hope and excitement, like I’m back in high school, as a scared and stressed 18-year-old, wondering just what the future has in store for me.

Now I, in no way, want to go back to those awkward teen years trying to navigate “A-Lobby,” packed with all the older, cool kids, or make it to “C lunch” on time to order my pizza, hash browns and red Jungle Juice for lunch. (I still can’t believe they fed us that artery-clogging combination on a daily basis. Michelle Obama would be horrified.)

But the book does give you this feeling that anything is possible. And I hope today’s teens read Dr. Suess’s words and have that same hope.

Now about today’s teens. Let’s be honest for a sec… high school kids today do NOT look like we did back then. How is that possible?! Or fair?!!! The girls are gorgeous. (See photos below.) The hair styles are beautiful, natural and easy to maintain. The fashion, the same. These girls have no idea how easy they have it. There were years of teasing, back-combing, and spraying toxic levels of Aquanet, all to create a hairdo with a girth exceeding our body size and a height at least a full foot above our skulls. And that’s not even including the bangs. Oh, the bangs. So much to say, so little space to do it in. So I won’t try.

Not only are the teens today much prettier, so are the high school senior photos. You know I’m right. You know somewhere in your childhood home is a photo of a younger version of you, with that mushroom of a hairdo, leaning against a large 1980-something, arms crossed in front, or up against a fake tree because walking outside of the photo studio to a real tree was apparently too much trouble. I’ll give you a moment to shake off that icky feeling of reminiscing.

But if one thing can be said about our generation, it’s that our fashion and beauty mistakes led to a generation of beautiful, well-dressed girls with some amazing senior photography. Our sacrifice was their gain. That leads me to the senior below.

This senior girl was SO photogenic which made my job super easy. I mean, seriously, isn’t she gorgeous??? We photographed at a few locations around Asheville, outfit change included. Photographing seniors on location is the best. It’s fun, helps the teens relax and makes for a fun day.

So mom and dad, don’t you owe it to your teens to give them that senior photography experience you were denied? 😉 It’s not too late! We can still schedule senior photos in these last few months of high school. I also create graduation announcements from the photos that are so much better than the ones issued by the schools.

What are you waiting for? Call or email for more information! And enjoy the photos below of this stunning senior while you try to forget the monstrosity that was your senior photo hairdo many, MANY years ago. You know I’m right.


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