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That Fabulous Fair

For a photographer who prefers color images more so than black and white, the Mountain State Fair is perfection. The fair came to town last week and I made my annual trek to it, boys and camera in tow, to document the vibrant event.

We dropped the teens off at the front gate which can be seen in the first AND ONLY image of these “not quite adult,” individuals. I jokingly tried to get one shot as they passed me inside the fair which only led to the “death stare” by my oldest who angrily mouthed the words, “STOP IT.” Heaven forbid I ruin their “game,” but I was a good mom and completely ignored them the next time they passed with girls in tow.

I walked around with my younger son, who is still not humiliated to be seen with me, and his friend. The light was perfect, the lines were short and the crowds were friendly. I’ve attended fairs in other cities and the Mountain State Fair is, by far, the best.

We rode the chair lift over the park, carefully made our way through the House of Glass and Mirrors, and watched a strange demonstration of Speedo-clad firemen diving from above.

My son’s friend won in a basketball carnival game and received a lovely, poorly stuffed, $100 pillow as his prize. My youngest did well in the $5 goldfish game winning seven little swimmers. This, of course, led to a $60 aquatic investment and our new title as a “fish family.”

It’s a week later and two of the seven fish have died. But it’s kept my youngest busy after school this week constructing a “fish cemetery” in the backyard. (I’m still not sure if he prefers caring for them or burying them.)

Now that the fair is gone, we can check off this first fall activity of the season. And if you didn’t make it to the fair this year, here’s a sample of what you missed – beautiful weather, lots of color, and a fun time. We’ll definitely be back!


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