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Welcome to my blog! Check back often for recent posts in fine art photography, street photography, and the lifestyle photography group 10 on 10.

The fine art photography posts include an amazing group of photographers from across the country and even one in Australia who form our blog circle. We post monthly and link our blogs so you can easily travel from one blog to the next. Each post is that photographer’s unique way of expressing their creativity. You won’t be disappointed!

The 10 on 10 group is also a blog circle with photographers from across the country. We select one day to photograph our lives in documentary-style using 10 images. Then we post those 10 images on the tenth of the month and link our blogs. It’s a fascinating peek into the lives of others! (The fine art photography group and 10 on 10 group started over at The Bloom Forum.)

Street photography is a huge passion of mine. These posts were taken during travels and around Asheville. I love images that tell the story of a place at that particular time. Don’t forget to check back often as more posts are added. And visit me on Google Plus. Enjoy!

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