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Families (Asheville family photography)

Family photographs…you know you love them, you know you want them, but the thought of trying to get everyone together and act happy at the same time seems overwhelming and not much fun. You have your own super duper digital camera like most of the country’s families now and you think, “I can do this.  I can get a few shots of what the kids look like now and who cares that I haven’t appeared in a photo in seven years.” And that digital camera? “It can do anything! I don’t need to hire anyone!”

And we all know how that ends…the kids scream and run because posing for mom causes an automatic “fight or flight” reaction. (Trust me, I know because my own boys hate having photos taken my me, the one who does it professionally.)

Any photos you MIGHT get look fine but just, well, ordinary. The color is a little off, things might be blurry and composition, what composition??? You give up, leave the photos on the computer and any memory of your family at that time gets lost on the hard drive.

See where I’m going with this? That’s why it’s SO much easier and I promise more fun to hire a professional. I could do an infomercial on the benefits of hiring someone with experience but I won’t bore you. Instead, click on the slideshow above and see what can be done. Sessions are relaxing and fun at the location of your choice in Asheville or the surrounding areas like Brevard, Black Mountain, Weaverville, Hendersonville and Fletcher. And hey, if you want family photos on vacation, say…at the beach or Italy, hint, hint, pay my travel costs and I’m yours.

Traveling to Asheville or nearby for a family reunion? Hire me to capture the cousins and grandparents all together for an extended family photo session.

And don’t forget the grandparents.

A photo session for Grandma and Pop with the grandkids makes a great gift!

So click above and enjoy!

(If you’d really rather just have photos taken of the kids, click here to see that gallery. And don’t forget the high school seniors here.)

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