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Kids (Asheville Child Photographer)


Photographing kids can be an exhausting chore. Suggest a photo session to an already-stressed mom or dad of a busy, “climbing the walls” toddler and you’ll either get a blank stare or a “not in this lifetime” smile.

But what if it was easy? Like this…you show up at a location to meet a friendly, smiling photographer (that would be me) who plops on the ground and starts playing with your difficult, hyper, uncooperative, or (insert your own adjective) toddler and… AND tells you to step aside and do nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing. Your “full of life” 2-year-old who has yet to stay in one place longer than two seconds refuses to sit still for a photo? Not a problem. That spunky 3-year-old who’d rather hurl rocks then stand still and say “cheese?” Again, works for me. I love capturing kids as they are….sweet, smiling, quietly playing OR… running wild, face covered in mud, dancing with a high-pitched squeal, you name it. Because that’s who they are. And that’s what contemporary portraiture, which has become a household name in the photo world, is all about.

I’ll play with your youngsters, chase them, let them throw sticks at me, roll in the grass next to them, whatever it takes to capture those natural smiles and their real personalities. It ain’t easy. But it’s always fun.

And once the session is over, I promise you the kids will be pooped and ready for a nap. How’s that for service?  They’ll leave with a special treat they picked out from my treasure box. And you’ll leave knowing you finally have some beautiful images that captured exactly who your kids are. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Asheville child photography sessions take place at the location of your choice in Asheville or the surrounding areas. And don’t forget the older kids. Photos of “tweens” are just as important and can be really fun. Call or email with any questions. And don’t forget to click on the gallery above!

(Click here to see the gallery of family photos and here for the gallery of high school senior photos.)

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